Frank from Accounting

He's a legend inside the Program


Little is known about Frank from Accounting. Much of what is known is shrouded in rumors and guesswork. They say he was one of the first cowboys to sign up for the newly religitimized Delta Green. No one knows anything about his old days, or his fieldwork. But you won’t find an agent inside the official delta green that is more well connected and informed that isn’t upper management.

The rumor is he works inside the IRS or inside the Pentagon’s budget. He doesn’t like to get personally involved. But if you need to avoid an audit or to move money around then he’s the guy. He has effectively been hiding the Program’s work behind accounts, numbers for years for years. No one is better at the numbers game in the fight against the unnatural horrors than Frank.

What is also known is that you don’t call him. He calls you.

Frank from Accounting

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