Delta Green: Unnatural Procedures

Need to Know
What is Delta Green

The World of Delta Green

Delta Green is a covert group inside the United States federal government. Its mission is to investigate, contain, and conceal unnatural events, because the unnatural is real and it kills. The world of Delta Green is like our own, but beyond the edges of reality are powers that outstrip the human mind’s capacity for understanding. Sometimes those powers bleed through
into our world and destroy everything they touch.

Agents of Delta Green have limited knowledge of these forces. If you’re an Agent, it is likely you have experienced the unnatural at least once. This inciting event is probably what brought you to the attention of Delta Green in the first place. A few know more. They suffer that knowledge like a cancer of the mind.

Sometimes it’s better to know just enough to get the job done, and nothing more. That’s the first rule of Delta Green.


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